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Pricing and Packages

What mix of table games should I have at my event?


The configuration of your tables will vary slightly depending on the type of party you are hosting and your expected audience.


Blackjack is the most popular table game, attracting both experienced players and beginners.  We recommend that approximately half of your gaming tables be Blackjack tables.  Roulette is a slower-paced game that is always popular and easy to play.  Our poker games (Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud, Three Card, and Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker) are popular games that are fun and easy to play, and offer the opportunity for big payouts for great poker hands.  Craps is easily the most exciting casino game with a great atmosphere and energy.


What's a casino without slot machines?  Our Slot Machines are attention-getting games that add to the casino atmosphere and are easy to play.


The Money Wheel is also popular, attracting a lot of walk-up traffic from the gaming floor.  Our three-foot wheel is divided into 50 segments, each representing a dollar amount from $1 to $20.  The wheel offers big payouts for lucky players!



Prices and Packages


All of our event packages include:


•Active planning and pre-event coordination

•Casino-Grade equipment, including all chips, cards, tokens, and other accessories

•Delivery and set-up of all equipment and tables prior to your event

•Approximately three hours of gaming time

•Professional dealers dressed in tuxedo shirts, bow ties, and name tags

•One or two Casino Floor Managers working during your event

•Coordination of any prize raffle drawings or high-roller prize give-aways

•Tear down and removal of equipment and tables

* Only one Craps Table and Money Wheel available.

Small Event Packages:


Small events do not require as much prep work and set-up time, and are easier for us to staff and manage.  Therefore, we are able to offer discounts on smaller event packages.  These packages are perfect for smaller parties (20 to 40 guests) in a more intimate setting, while still offering a variety of games to enjoy.

Craps can be substituted for any table game for an additional $150.



A Casino Floor Manager is included in all packages.  The floor manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the games, so you can enjoy the party.  Either one or two floor managers will be working your event, depending on your event size.

• A craps table can accommodate up to 10 players, and includes an extra dealer to help run the table.

• All events of 6 or more tables typically include an extra dealer to help the event run smoothly.

• There may be a mileage surcharge depending on our travel distance to your event.

• Price may vary if your event falls on a holiday or is on a holiday weekend.

• Chairs are not provided.  We can provide a small quantity of banquet chairs at an additional cost if necessary.  In our experience, most of our events are held at locations that already have a supply of chairs to use.



Do you need dealers for your event?


Most of our clients use our trained staff of dealers.  Our dealers are eager to liven up your event and help your guests have fun, and will arrive professionally dressed in tuxedo shirts with bow ties and name tags (for summer outdoor events we have customized dealer t-shirts).  Our dealers assist those players who need a little instruction in the game and will adjust the pace of the table to the skill level of the players.  They encourage fun in a relaxed environment and promote interaction among the guests.


If you are planning a fundraising event you can try to find some volunteer or ‘celebrity’ dealers.  Volunteer dealers will reduce your costs, and will help personalize your fundraising event.  For example, for a school fundraising event you can recruit teachers to be dealers and deal to the parents.


Volunteer dealers work best for Blackjack, Let it Ride Poker, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.  Roulette and craps are more complex to deal: volunteer dealers for these games can’t be effectively trained unless they’ve had prior dealing experience.


We will brief all your volunteer dealers on the basics of dealing prior to the event (your volunteers should have some general knowledge of the games beforehand).  In addition, the casino floor managers will be on-hand to help your dealers (and players) with any questions that may arise throughout the night.


Please contact us for pricing information if you plan on staffing some (or all) of your tables with your own volunteer dealers.

We've put together this section in order to help you better plan (and budget) your party.  Please note that the prices listed on this page may vary slightly depending on the specifics of your event.


How many tables do you need?


The number of gaming tables is the most important factor in planning your event.  The number of tables needed depends your anticipated guest count and the type of event.  For events with a mix of entertainment options (food, an open bar, DJ, raffle baskets, etc.) a good rule of thumb is to provide enough gaming seats for about half of your guests at any given time.  If the gaming is the sole focus of your event then you should have enough seats for up to 75% of your guests at one time.  Our Black Jack, Roulette, and various poker game tables accommodate up to 7 players at a time.  Our craps table can handle up to 10.


We have provided the following table as your reference.  This provides for seating between 50% and 65% of guests at once.

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