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Types of Events


Amherst Casino Events will help you plan and run your whole casino night event.  Our typical events can be broken down into three general categories: Private Special-Occasion Parties (surprise parties, weddings, bachelorette parties, etc.), Corporate Events (Holiday Parties, Team Building Events, etc.), and Charitable Fund-Raisers.


Whether you're planning a small private party or large fundraising event, here’s what you can expect from us:


Pre-Event Planning


You’ll be planning your event directly with the owners of the Amherst Casino Events, Mike and Julie.  We will sit down with you and discuss your goals for your event, whether it be a party, corporate event, or fund-raiser.  We’ll help you determine the amount and type of gaming tables - based on your anticipated guest count and their skill level.  We will discuss the logistics of the casino gaming:  Will the gaming tables be open as your guests arrive, or will there be other entertainment (or dinner) at the party?  Will you offer prizes for your big winners, or raffle tickets based on final chip counts?  Will your guests be able to purchase additional chips?  All of these questions will help us provide the most entertainment for you and your guests.


ACE will also work with you to design a floor plan that compliments your event.  If possible, we would like to see the event room ahead of time.


Day of the Event - Setup


We will arrive to your event location the day of the event (or day before, if necessary) and set up the casino gaming tables according to the floor plan, making any adjustments as needed.  We also set up all the table accessories and get the poker chips ready for your guests when they arrive.




If you plan on using your own volunteer dealers, they will need to show up early so that they can be briefed on the dealing aspects of each game.  If we are providing the dealers, they will arrive professionally dressed, and go to their tables a few minutes before the opening of the event.


Casino Floor Managers


Mike and/or Julie will be on-hand to work during your event as the Casino Floor Managers.  The owners work at every event, making sure everything runs smoothly by coordinating the casino gaming and helping your guests enjoy the evening.   They are there to answer any questions your guests may have, hand out additional chips to your guests, assist the dealers if needed, or fill in for a dealer that needs a break.  This lets you concentrate on enjoying your party.

Our casino night gaming chips and VIP Gaming Credit card.


Game Time


As your guests arrive they will be issued a VIP Card.  This is their 'casino credit' that they can exchange at any one of our gaming tables for a predetermined amount of casino chips - usually $100 or $200 (the chips have no actual cash value).  Your guests are then free to play at the various tables for approximately three hours.  Betting limits at our tables begin at $5 ($1 for roulette).  Depending on how you set up your event, your guests can purchase additional gaming chips if they run out.


Near the end of the gaming time, your guests will be instructed to ‘cash-in’ their casino chips.  Depending on how you’ve set up the event, the chips can be exchanged for either raffle tickets or a voucher indicating their final chip count.  The raffle tickets can then be drawn for prizes, or prizes can be given out to the ‘high-rollers’.


As your event is winding down and guests start to leave, we will pack up all of the gaming equipment and take it away.

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