Amherst Casino Events' craps table at a casino fun night in Buffalo.

Add a Craps Table to Your Casino Night Event

One of the most exhilarating casino games, Craps is a fast moving dice game that can make anyone feel like a high-roller. If the dice are hot, the shouts and cheers from the Craps table will make it the most exciting place to be at your event!

Guests love to learn and play this game, especially when they don't lose any real money. Our dealers are trained to teach the basics and the advanced play to everyone who wants to learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Players can make any number of wagers in this game. The easiest way to play is  to bet the "pass line", which wins if the shooter (dice thrower) can roll a number and then get that same number again before rolling a seven. Many other bets are also available, which makes for a lot of chips flying around the table with each roll!

Be sure to add a Craps table to your casino night party with Amherst Casino Events. Contact us to get your casino party in WNY started today!

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