Money Wheel

Amherst Casino Events money wheel spinning for fortune.

Add the Money Wheel to Your Casino Party Event

The Money Wheel is a giant vertical wheel that spins with a distinctive "click" sound. Bet on where the wheel will stop next.

Our 36" wheel is divided into 50 segments; each representing a dollar amount from $1-$20, plus a joker and a fleur-de-lis logo. A table in front of the wheel has a betting area with symbols matching those on the wheel. To play, you simply place your bet on the symbol that you think the wheel will land on.

The Money Wheel makes a great focus point at the entrance of your event. Be sure to add the Money Wheel to your Casino Night Party with Amherst Casino Events. Contact us to start planning your casino party in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas!

Money Wheel Pricing

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