Slot Machines

3 slot machines available for your casino night party.

Add a Slot Machine to Your Casino Party Event

Slot Machines are a staple at every casino! Flashing lights, music, spinning reels, and the sound of dropping coins will attract your guests.

To play, your guests exchange their gaming chips for casino tokens. Each token is worth $1 in play money. We've adjusted the win rate on our machines so that your guests have a better chance of winning. A typical jackpot is worth 250-400 tokens!

When they are done playing, lucky players trade in their tokens for gaming chips. We have a scale to quickly weigh the tokens and pay everyone right away, so that they can move on to fun at other games.

Be sure to add a Slot Machine to your Casino Night Party with Amherst Casino Events. Contact us to start planning your casino party in Western New York!

Slot Machine Pricing

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