Blackjack table at a casino party in Buffalo NY.

Are Casino Night events legal?

Yes, Amherst Casino Events provides casino parties for entertainment purposes only: the gaming chips have no cash value, and cannot be purchased or redeemed for cash. Your guests can play for fun, prizes, or raffle tickets for a chance to earn prizes.

Do guests need to be a certain age to participate?

No, guests of all ages are welcome to participate, as the gaming chips have no cash value.

How many tables will my event need?

A good rule-of-thumb is to have one gaming space for every two guests. Our Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker tables have 7 gaming spaces each. The Craps table can accommodate 10 to 12 players. Minimum event size is 4 tables.

Can we do a Casino Night as a Fundraiser?

Yes, but there are New York State laws that you should be aware of before considering a casino night fundraiser (even when the gaming chips have no cash value). Contact us, or visit the New York State Gaming Commission website for additional information.

Can we contact some of your past clients for referrals?

Absolutely. We will be happy to give you contact information for some of our previous clients, just contact us.

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Williamsville, NY. We will accommodate your event request for a casino night party in Buffalo, WNY, and surrounding areas. If your event is outside of this area, please contact us. We may still be able to accommodate your event with a mileage surcharge.

Amherst Casino Events' roulette wheel and roulette chips.

What equipment do you provide?

We provide all the equipment necessary for a complete casino experience, including tables, casino chips, trays, cards, and dice. Our dealers are professionally dressed in tuxedo shirts with bow ties and name tags.

Do you provide chairs for your tables?

We do not provide chairs for our tables. In our experience, most of our events are held at locations that already have an ample supply of chairs for us to use. In addition, most of our tables can be set up for standing (cocktail) height or seated height.

Who do I coordinate with in planning my event?

You will be coordinating directly with Mike or Julie, the owners of Amherst Casino Events. One (or both) of us will work with you from the very beginning. In addition, we will be on-hand during your event acting as your Casino Floor Managers, making sure the games run smoothly and your guests are having fun. This allows you to relax and enjoy the party.

Can I just rent the equipment/tables?

We do not typically offer equipment or table rental. We prefer that someone from our company be present during your event. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Do I have to use your dealers?

No. We recommend using our dealers to complete the casino experience and give your guests the best experience possible. However, fundraising events sometimes use volunteer dealers to help reduce costs. If you use volunteers, we will help train them before the event on the basic dealing rules and protocols. However, please keep in mind that your volunteers must have some prior knowledge of the game they are dealing before we train them.

What are your booking/reservation policies?

It is best to book your event with us as far out in advance as possible to insure we are available. As you might expect, Friday and Saturday evenings are the most popular. Holiday season weekend dates (in December and January) fill up early! Please contact us to discuss potential event dates.


A deposit of 20% is required to reserve us for your event. Cancellation less than thirty (30) days prior to the event date may not be refundable. Full amount of payment is expected the night of the event by cash or check.

Roulette table for your casino game night in Buffalo NY.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we will accept credit cards for the deposit amount only (up to 20%). Payment of the remaining balance by cash or check is preferred.

Should we tip the dealers?

Tipping our dealers is not required, but it is always greatly appreciated.  All tips are split equally amongst the dealers.

Still Have Questions?

If you need additional information about holding a Casino Night party in Buffalo or WNY, please contact us! We'd be happy to answer all your questions.