Let it Ride Poker table from Amherst Casino Events.

Add a Poker Table to Your Casino Night Event

Poker is always a hit with guests! Choose from three different casino poker games; Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud, and Three Card Poker. Be sure to add one (or all) of our Poker tables to your casino party night with Amherst Casino Events. Contact us to start planning your casino night in Buffalo and WNY.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is one of the most popular poker games in casinos today. It is a three-card stud poker game using one standard 52 card deck. Once each player has placed an ante bet, the dealer will deal each player three cards. The dealer's cards will remain face-down.

After each player has viewed their cards, they can choose to fold, or place an additional bet to "play". Once all "play" bets have been made, the dealer will reveal their cards. In order to "qualify" to compete with the players, the dealer must have a Queen-high or better. If this does not happen, the round results in a "push" on all "play" bets and a 1 to 1 payout on the ante. If the dealer does qualify and the player wins, the "play" pays 1 to 1, and the ante pays 1 to 1. There are also bonuses for exceptional hands.

Let it Ride Poker

Let it Ride is a casino variation of Poker where the player bets on the five-card poker hand created by their own three cards and two community cards. Let it Ride is played at a relaxed pace and is popular with both new and experienced players.

Before the player looks at their cards, they must place 3 equally sized bets on the table. The player is then given 2 opportunities to withdraw one of their bets; once after they look at their cards, and once more after the first community card is revealed. If the player decides to not withdraw their bet, they are said to "let it ride".

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a five-card stud poker game played with one standard 52 card deck. To begin, each player must place an ante bet. Once all antes are placed, the dealer will deal each player five cards. Four of the dealer's cards will be face-down, one will be face-up. The cards that are dealt are the cards that are played. There is no opportunity to redraw or improve your hand. At this time, you can choose to fold or bet.

The dealer must have an Ace & King or higher in order to "qualify" to compete with the players. If this does not happen, the round results in a "push" and the dealer pays even money on all antes. If the dealer does qualify and the player wins, they get even money on the ante bet and a payout for any additional bets based on the hand (2 pair, flush, straight, etc.).

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